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What can you build with Omagles?

From our Customers

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Had this toy when I was a kid. Bought a set for my children and they use it with their friends all the time!

-Taylor J.

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Everything feels solid and well made. This is a large set, my kids have enjoyed building forts and towers with it.

-Erica C.

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Was surprisingly easy to put together our first few builds. The manual was great to get us started, but now the kids just make up their own designs!

-Derek R.

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Best birthday gift ever! Got my two nephews a set to get them through quarantine. My brother can't stop raving about the time they've spent building with these.

-Amanda Q.

Build Your Imagination!

If you can dream it, you can build it with Omagles! Our manual details over 30 unique builds. See our designs page for ideas and inspiration.


Feeling adventurous? Ditch the manual! Omagles can be used to build anything you or your child can dream up! Foster your childs creativity with Omagles.

how clips work

How They Work?

Omagles uses a simple system of connectors and clips to construct countless life-sized builds. Slide the included tubes into any connector and secure with safety clip!


Omagles is easy for kids of almost any age to use. We recommend it for ages 3+.


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